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Bodybuilder, 20, ‘died after taking steroids that he bought on the dark web’

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  • Robbie Ryder(bodybuilder) was found in his bedroom in Driffield, East Yorkshire, in October 
  • A toxicology report found high levels of morphine and anti-anxiety tablets
  • But ambulance crews compromised the scene by taking a week to inform police 
  • Hull Coroner’s Court heard he turned to bodybuilding after his father’s death

bodybuilder died after taking steroids believed to have been bought on the dark web – but a police investigation was scuppered by ambulance crews taking a week to inform them of his death.

Robbie Ryder, (bodybuilder) 20, was found slumped and unresponsive in his bedroom by his mother, who had told him just hours before to ‘sort his life out’.

A toxicology report found high levels of morphine and anti-anxiety tablets in his system after purchasing the illegal products off the internet’s’ ‘black market.’

An envelope in his room that he is believed to have opened on the morning he died was key to the police investigation, but because the ambulance crews took a week to communicate with police, the scene had been entirely compromised.

Hull Coroner’s Court heard Mr Ryder’s mother, Yvonne Emerson, 46, said he struggled to come to terms with the death of his father and turned to bodybuilding.

Mother-of-two Ms Emerson had noticed a change in his behaviour weeks before his death and noticed he was ‘on something’.

She told the hearing on Wednesday (March 15): ‘In 2011, when Robbie (bodybuilder) was 14 years old his father was killed in a motorcycle accident.

‘That had a massive impact on Robbie (bodybuilder) and he struggled to cope. It affected his college work and he couldn’t sleep.

‘He turned to cannabis to cope with his anxiety and grief. But then he started working out and this gave Robbie structure in his life – the training benefitted him.

‘He was trying to be more positive and deal with his problems sober.

‘A couple of weeks before his death, Robbie’s demeanour changed and he seemed to be under the influence of something.’

Mrs Emerson told the inquest she had spoken to her son on the morning he died about sorting his life out.

But when she returned that evening on October 13, she found her son unresponsive in his bedroom.

She called 999 and then asked a neighbour for help and he was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary – but died shortly after.

After scouring Mr Ryder’s bedroom at his home in Driffield, East Yorkshire, police tracked down an illegal operation in Cyprus – and passed on the address to Interpol.

However, officers were annoyed that the ambulance crews notified them too late to look over the ‘crime scene’ – his bedroom – to trace an envelope linked to the dark web.

PC James Gray, of Humberside Police, said: ‘We found testosterone and other drugs in his bedroom – it seems he was heavily involved in taking body building steroids.

‘We found a number of suspicious packages containing white powder with no identification…

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